1 Inch WB Metallic Diaphragm Pump

1" WB Metallic Diaphragm Pump;
Flow rates is up to 52.2 GPM (197.6 LPM)

1" WB Metallic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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1” WB metallic diaphragm pumps achieve flow rates of up to 52.2 GPM (197.6 LPM) and offer a wide range of material and porting configurations. These pumps are often used for transfer, filling, recirculation and batching in Ceramic, Industrial, Chemical and Petrochemical markets.



  • Mobility - Compact, rugged design allows for easy mobility

  • Efficiency - Pilot provides ultra-positive, reliable shift signal

  • Reliability - no-stall operation

  • Versatility - Available in aluminum, cast iron or stainless steel to withstand tough chemical applications

  • Environmentally Sound - Bolted construction for leak-free fluid handling

Pump Casing Materials


Cast Iron

Stainless Steel

Diaphragm Materials

  • PTFE

  • Santoprene

  • Hytrel

  • Nitrile

  • Viton

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